street photography - juice bar, melbourne, australia

In street photography you sometimes point your camera at strangers. Most people are reasonable. But every once in a while you will encounter a jerk. One sunny Sunday, I was setting up my equipment for a panoramic street shot, near a funky looking juice bar. So, the juice bar guy wandered over to me and […]

which camera should i buy

“Which camera you should I buy?” doesn’t have one easy answer. But if you follow some simple rules on how to buy a camera, you will end up with a device well suited to your photography needs. As a professional photographer, there is one subject of conversation guaranteed to come up whenever i meet new […]

dont use the delete button

This may surprise you, but that “delete” button on your camera is one you shouldn’t really be using. Why? because it can mess with your memory cards’ filing structure. Deleting individual photos may corrupt portions of the memory card. It can cause you to lose some or all of the pictures on the card. At […]

If you want to learn photography,  just press that little shutter button. Again and again and again. I teach photography to a wide range of students. Some start the course with a significant amount of experience, even professional work. Others arrive as total beginners. Regardless of their starting point, there is one consistent indicator of […]

Here is a simple photography tip that any photographer of any skill level can use to immediately see better results. When someone asks me “how can i take better photos….?” my first tip is – Don’t make this common mistake: …Pointing the camera into the main light source. This is one rookie mistake I see […]

In a previous article: The Third Revolution in Photography, we looked at the current state of photography and how we got here. The explosion of cameras worldwide, a vast communication network. And trillions of images created each day, many uploaded to the web creating a vast worldwide library of human experiences, history and knowledge.   […]

As the very first article for this blog about photography, a brief history of photography might be apt. Today we have access to trillions of photos of every place on earth (and other planets) and pretty much any item or person born in the last 100 years.   Before photography we never knew what we […]