street photography - juice bar, melbourne, australia

In street photography you sometimes point your camera at strangers. Most people are reasonable. But every once in a while you will encounter a jerk. One sunny Sunday, I was setting up my equipment for a panoramic street shot, near a funky looking juice bar. So, the juice bar guy wandered over to me and […]

which camera should i buy

“Which camera you should I buy?” doesn’t have one easy answer. But if you follow some simple rules on how to buy a camera, you will end up with a device well suited to your photography needs. As a professional photographer, there is one subject of conversation guaranteed to come up whenever i meet new […]

If you want to learn photography,  just press that little shutter button. Again and again and again. I teach photography to a wide range of students. Some start the course with a significant amount of experience, even professional work. Others arrive as total beginners. Regardless of their starting point, there is one consistent indicator of […]

Here is a simple photography tip that any photographer of any skill level can use to immediately see better results. When someone asks me “how can i take better photos….?” my first tip is – Don’t make this common mistake: …Pointing the camera into the main light source. This is one rookie mistake I see […]